About us
Why Choose AMAYDA?

We provide the highest quality of mentoring to the youth of today, to help empower and guide them to have the confidence to be the very best they can be.

We hold the belief that instead of punishing those engaging in bullying behaviour, we choose to put our focus in to empowering all kids through building confidence. Bullying can happen to anyone at any stage of life and unfortunately you will find it in all areas of life. The key to dealing with a problem is where you put your focus.

The AMAYDA Bullying Prevention Programs focus on teaching all children Self-Discipline, Respect and Integrity and those children experiencing bullying Confidence, Resilience and Courage – with amazing results.

Our team

Frank Mechler

Founder and CEO of AMAYDA Bullying Prevention Programs.

Glenn Rushton

Program Director and Co Owner of AMAYDA Bullying Prevention Programs.

Sam Banney

Training & Mentor Manager

Brett Welland

National Sales Manager