Cyber Mobbing

As we all know in our modern age of technology that serious negatives has come alongside of our tech advancements. One of those negatives is cyberbullying. It's officially defined as the use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature, also...

Developing Wellbeing Through a Randomised Controlled Trial of a Martial Arts Based Intervention: An Alternative to the Anti-Bullying Approach

Anti-bullying policies and interventions are the main approach addressing bullying behaviours in Australian schools. However, the evidence supporting these approaches is inconsistent and its theoretical underpinning may be problematic. The current study examined the effects of a martial arts based psycho-social intervention on participants’ ratings of resilience and self-efficacy, delivered...

The Official Launch Us at 10am Saturday 24th August @ Southbank in Brisbane.

Jeff visits the Sky News Studios

Always promoting the war against bullying. Jeff was invited to the Sky News Studios to talk about his experiences and dedication to this great program.

What a Fight Horn V Mundine

Down in 90 seconds, and just as quickly you all jumped on our website to sign up your students. The interest has been so great that in our first 30 minutes of going live the site crashed.  Luckily we were up again within 5 mins... Image: Source:News Corp Australia

Website Launch

So you can keep up to date on everything AMAYDA has to offer we have put together this informative website.

The Big Fight

At AMAYDA we support our Ambassador Jeff "The Hornet" Horn. Dont forget to watch or buy tickets to this amazing event this week in Brisbane.