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Bullying is defined as an ongoing misuse of power in relationships through repeated verbal, physical or social behaviour that causes physical or psychological harm.

Bullying Statistics

The statistics show that 1 in 4 kids are currently being bullied in Australian Schools and 3 out of 4 kids have witnessed it being done to someone at their school at one time or another.

According to the Bureau of Statistics annual report (2017) there are 3,849,225 school kids in Australia. Based on these bullying statistics, this means that there are approximately 962,306 kids being bullied in schools today. As the number of children attending school increases year on year, the problem will continue to grow.

According to The economic cost of bullying in Australian schools, a report conducted by PwC on behalf of the Alannah and Madeline Foundation, the costs associated with bullying total an estimated $2.3 billion, incurred while the children are in school and for 20 years after school completion, for each individual school year group. The report also sates that, each year, 543,000 bully perpetrators instigate more than 45 million bullying incidents.

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We form an alliance with you and your school

As much as you want to be everywhere to protect your child or help them through these challenges you can’t be.

This is the same situation with your school.  Even the best schools will experience unreported bullying issues.

The AMAYDA program gives the power to the children by educating, mentoring and upskill your child on how to manage bully related issues. 

Our programs also give children the courage to be socially responsible to make sure others aren’t engaging in bully related issues making them ambassadors for change!

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