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AMAYDA Bullying Prevention Programs

Let AMAYDA help you shape socially responsible students at home, at school and in the community. Because unintentionally over the years you have been handed this task. “Sub heading”

True Statements

  • Parents are working longer hours and having less time on raising their children
  • Schools are under pressure to do more than educate
  • Children are faced with challenges that they don’t have the skills to overcome
  • Technology is educating children in negative ways
  • The next generation of socially responsible adults need new skills to face real world challenges
  • Bullying is in crises mode across the country
  • Awareness alone is not going to change the culture around bullying
  • Principals, teachers and Guidance Counsellors are overwhelmed with workload and strategies to build a positive culture within their schools

We all know that the world is forever changing. Parents are working longer hours; technology gives children access to content that shapes their values and opinions on what is normal behaviour and they are faced with challenges that far exceed what they mentally and physically able to handle.  These days there is more pressure on schools, principals and teachers than ever!  Because of the times your raising these children and it isn’t really your responsibility, however you have a social responsibility to educate and provide society with the next generation of people that will run the world.  The biggest issue everyone faces is what is the world going to look like if these children don’t have the life skills to make a positive impact.  There is a solution and that is mentoring and conflict resolution skills to shape socially responsible individuals.  Empowering change and tackling bullying related issues head on!

We Guarantee you will spend less time managing student conflict after implementing the AMAYDA Bullying Prevention Program

Real data that will SHOCK YOU!

We held a detailed student health check survey across 11 schools to confirm the effectiveness of the AMAYDA program! 

Before AMAYDA Programs had been implemented

82 %

of students had witnessed bullying in their school environment

22 %

of students had experienced bullying on a regular basis and it was seriously effecting them

After the AMAYDA Programs had been implemented


74 %

of students said that they would indeed intervene if they witnessed bullying now they had strategies to handle the conflict situation

94 %

of students realised that clear communication is more effective than violent response

Students said the physical fitness component of the program while challenging helped them feel more accomplished.

98 %

of students said they felt more confident and the program had a positive effect on their self-image

73 %

of the students thought that everything that was taught in the program was useful


Schools we are working with!


I have wanted to write for some time, to highlight our appreciation of the AMAYDA program for the students here at Ferny Grove State High School.
John Schuh
Executive Principal
There is significant value in supporting our students in dealing with difficult situations and personal challenges as a result; we would love to be part of a possible year long trial for our future Year 7 cohort in 2020.
Blair Hanna
We support the goals of the AMAYDA Empowerment Program in taking a proactive stance in empowering our youth and changing the culture towards all forms of bullying.
Tina Mackay
HOD Social Justice