If your business is looking to make an impact in the community, help AMAYDA support the upbringing of our next generation.

Amayda is always looking for partners to help us raise money for schools to help children participate in our programs.  The opportunity has extensive marketing opportunities for local businesses looking to give back to the community. 


Companies working with us!

Our bullying prevention programs are empowering our youth and giving businesses an opportunity to align their values with an organisation that has developed a prevention strategy that will change the culture around bullying and forever!

Our programs focus on teaching all children Self-Discipline, Respect and Integrity and those children experiencing bullying Confidence, Resilience and Courage. Skills to face life’s challenges head-on!  That is why we form an alliance with your school to deliver this program.

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Queensland Education Minister

Brisbane City Councilors that have sponsored AMAYDA programs in schools in their local wards

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