OUR TEAM of MENTORS ARE EXPERIENCED AND MOTIVATED to make genuine and lasting change to the culture of bullying in our communities

Together we work toward a common goal...making a positive impact on those affected by bullying. If we empower them all the bully will fall.

All our mentors have first hand experiences with the devastating effects that bullying can have on a child’s life, all our mentors where lucky enough to be part of a culture to empower them to become wonderful all rounded individuals.

The most qualified instructors trained, vetted and accredited by the AMAYDA selection committee will unite under one banner to work together. Sharing the core values and skills of martial arts to empower kids from all over Australia to overcome bullying.

We assist the school network and raise the profile of the anti bullying message, as a most valuable tool to help with this enormous problem.

Now they are all giving back and helping AMAYDA to bully-proof the nation!

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I have wanted to write for some time, to highlight our appreciation of the AMAYDA program for the students here at Ferny Grove State High School.
John Schuh
Executive Principal
There is significant value in supporting our students in dealing with difficult situations and personal challenges as a result; we would love to be part of a possible year long trial for our future Year 7 cohort in 2020.
Blair Hanna
We support the goals of the AMAYDA Empowerment Program in taking a proactive stance in empowering our youth and changing the culture towards all forms of bullying.
Tina Mackay
HOD Social Justice