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An AMAYDA Accredited Youth Development Mentor (YDM) will be assigned to your school to work with your students and run a 1-hour Bullying Prevention Program each week

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Welcome to all parents interested in preparing their children for the next step in schooling. The step up to Secondary school is a big one for any child and can be a very daunting and sometimes, even the most confident student can struggle with this transition.

With the lives of parents getting busier and busier it sometimes hard to know for sure if your child is emotionally ready for the big changes ahead.

AMAYDA has formed an alliance with your school to build confidence in their students and prepare them for secondary school. We do this by engaging students through role playing a range of potentially difficult situations and providing practical solutions. They will learn the best real-world self-defence skills taken from a wide range of martial arts and boxing. The bottom line is that the AMAYDA Program will help your child to survive when you can’t be there. It’s about giving both you and your child peace of mind.

We also combine the physical training with core values taught in martial arts:

  • to have RESPECT for yourself and others;
  • to have the COURAGE to do the right thing, even when you’re scared and to make the right decisions when subjected to peer pressure;
  • to have the INTEGRITY to do what you say you’re going to do; and
  • to build RESILIENCE, by strengthening their self-image, enabling students to recover quickly when faced with adversity.

All of these values combined are what we call – AMAYDA EXCELLENCE.

Here are some things to consider…

  • Is your child going to be responsible for getting themselves to and from school by public transport or other?
  • Are you confident that your child would know what to do if confronted with a physically or emotionally stressful situation?
  • Do you believe that your child would make the right decision when confronted with pier group pressure?


The youth development classes are held 1 hour one day per week at the school and they run for the 10 weeks of each school term. Classes are held immediately after school finishes, usually in an undercover area, as most school halls are used by after school care and are booked at that time. Because of the time of day that classes are held, we don’t need to worry about lighting, the undercover areas work perfect and have toilet facilities readily available.


Each week the student will receive an email with a small amount of homework to complete. This encourages them to practice what they have been working on in class. We encourage all instructors to make homework fun and provide incentives for great effort.

Weekly Instructional Videos (accessed though the member

As training is only held in class one day per week, a weekly training video is provided to the students as a reminder of the techniques that were taught in the lesson. The other benefit of the weekly training video is it shows the parents what their kids are learning and allows them to be engaged in the lessons that are being taught. This in turn opens lines of communication regarding bullying and helps to reinforce the message that communication is key.